Scratch is a simple, visual drag and drop programming language. It's ideal for beginners.

Download Scratch

You can download scratch from the official Scratch website by following the link below.

Download Scratch

Join Scratch

As well as the downloadable version of Scratch there is a web based version that doesn't need installing and allows you to save and share your work if you join it.

You can join for free at the link below

Join Scratch

Why Scratch?

Scratch is a program designed to teach people how code used in computer programming is structured.

It is a flexible platform, often used as a learning aid because it lays out the code and the game side by side which helps the user think about the code logically as it is run.

We use scratch for the less experienced ninjas although it can be used to create more complicated games with a more detailed knowledge of how the code is applied.

What can you do with Scratch?

Here's an example of the kind of thing you can do with Scratch. This is a game made by one of our Ninjas - Lewis B: